Vote for Virginia Crosbie on 4th July

Why should you vote for me in this election?

I believe it’s because of all I’ve done and achieved for Ynys Môn. Time and time again voters tell me how they have seen me work my socks off to deliver for this island. 

I have helped to deliver £400 million UK Government funds - Anglesey Freeport and new nuclear at Wylfa.  Anglesey now has a brighter future because I have been YOUR voice in the heart of Westminster.

If you vote for Labour, Reform, or Plaid Cymru in this election you will be handing Sir Keir Starmer the keys to Downing Street. 

We have seen the shameful impact the Labour Government in Cardiff has had on North Wales with its poor health service, poor transport and poor education system.  Is that what you want UK-wide?

Vote for Plaid Cymru and you will achieve nothing for our island. They will never have the numbers to be heard in Westminster and, now that they’ve torn up their cooperation agreement with the Welsh Government in Cardiff - Labour will have no loyalty to them.

On Ynys Môn we need someone with a strong voice who has shown she can and will fight for you, who can and will stand up for your priorities, who will make sure that our Freeport and Wylfa succeed – who can and will stand up to Keir Starmer.

Don’t risk the unknown – vote for the person who has demonstrated she has our island’s best interests at heart.